Full-auto Film Laminator (QLF)

Full-auto Film Laminating Machine (QLF-110 / 120)

Auto Paper Feeding Unit:

With a high-precision linear guide, the feeder head makes automatic adjustment through the high-speed operation of the PLC depending on different paper sizes.

Overlapping & Positioning System:
Paper sizes may be entered through the man-machine interface and overlapping position adjusted automatically by the system.

Paper Powder Remover:
Power removal with brush and double electrostatic seat by means of vacuum adsorption and stable paper feed.

Intelligent Temperature Control:
The heating rollers for the top and bottom seats are provided with a heat conducting oil circulating system and a reliable and accurate frequency-changing temperature

Pressure Rollers:
The design of the large-diameter composite rollers achieves uniform and accurate thermal distribution through a heat conducting oil heating system.

Electro-hydraulic System:
The composite pressure roller is controlled freely and accurately in an electro-hydraulic manner.

Coating & Gluing:
The stepless speed regulation and automatic tension control at the inlet effectively stabilizes coating amount.

Drying System:
The unique drying design and double-surface heating is fast in drying and energy-saving by heat recovery.

Paper Slitting System:
An additional thin-paper anti-crimping unit and a pneumatic paper tension balancing unit are used in combination with a disc cutter in paper cutting.

Auto Paper Collector:
The up-to-date paper winding structure with shock-proof wheels and up-and-down air blowing effectively eliminates the problems arising in the winding of thin and Class C paper.

 Model  Machine size (LxWxH)
 Total    weight  (kg) Max.
paper size
paper size
Paper  thickness  (gsm)

 Laminating  speed

Max. pressure
Laminating  temperature
Drying  temperature
 Reserve  power
Actual  power 
Total  power 
QLF-110  12500x2200x3150  12000  860x1080   350x400   80-450  7-70  15-20 50-140  60-90  30 45 75
QLF-120  12800x2330x2850  12000  860x1200   350x400   80-450  7-70  15-20 50-140  60-90  30 45 75